Water Soluble Moringa Leaf Powder Extract


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The essential active ingredients are extracted from the Standard Moringa Powder. The specialised process transforms into a concentrated 7:1 Ratio. (7 Standard Moringa Leaf Powder Capsules of 400mg – are now found in 1 capsule containing 40mg of WSMLPE).

This is enables it to now be absorbed more rapidly and effectively into your blood stream.


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In its natural form, Moringa is arguably the most nutrient –rich plant material found to date.

In this potent new format, it has been transformed into a highly concentrated mix of anti-oxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals found in one single Vegan capsule.

The filler used in the capsule is Ribose. Ribose is a kind of sugar that is produced by the body. Ribose is used to improve athletic performance and the ability to exercise by boosting muscle energy. It has also been used to improve symptoms of fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, and coronary artery disease. Ribose has been used to prevent symptoms such as cramping, pain, and stiffness after exercise in people.

For more detailed reports & analysis of our Water Soluble Moringa Leaf Powder Extract go to http://www.phytopharm.co.za

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